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Production & Engineering

With over 25 years experience of producing records for some of the classical music world's most loved artists, we offer production packages which can include production, engineering on location, editing, post-production and mastering.

Production & Engineering
Spatial Audio

Dolby Atmos Mixing

We offer Dolby Atmos mixing, in our purpose built

Dolby-tuned 7.1.4 mixing suite.

Available for hire, with or without engineer.

It is also possible to bring your own DAW workstation.

Video & Live Streaming

Capture performances in stunning ultra high definition with our video services. Record for editing and post-production, or live-stream on a variety of different platforms.

Video & Live Streaming

Post-Production & Mastering

With an extensive history in post-production, mastering and audio restoration we have a wealth of expertise and tools to put the finishing touches to any recording.

Post-Production & Mastering
DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring
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